6 thoughts on “Just Eat It

  1. mush says:


    perfect sound effects I’m pretty sure my mom’s pointing arm really made that sound

  2. The Guindo says:

    hahaha “I win” made me laugh IRL

    I would’ve done the same thing if my parents had ever enforced “can’t leave the table ’til you eat” martial law.

  3. Nick says:

    Perfect. I was totally thinking “that’s a bad lesson for a kid, then he just thinks he won” and then boom, you nailed it. Great job Gabe.

  4. Roman says:


    Is the Dad on the couch human? Shouldn’t he be an animal? (picky picky I know…)

    I love this and all of the Analog Age. Some day you’ll tell me your secret of how you get all of this done.


  5. gabe says:

    Actually, the Dad has animal ears. You can see it in other strips 🙂
    No secret my friend, but I can give some pointers!

  6. SanoZen says:

    Epic ending!

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