First, I’d just like to say thank you so much for buying the book or downloading the pdf. As much as I love making these books, I love sharing them with you more.  So here it is, your reward for not only reading the entire book, but for taking the time to come to the site. Bravo for digging deeper and taking an active role in what you like!

Ok, first thing’s first- the music! This music is exactly what inspired me to dance in the first place and to even make the book that lead you here. This is a playlist of old school hip hop songs that I listened to as a kid, and music from the same era that I’ve tracked down since.

I recommend hitting play now before going any further, that way you can hear, and experience this time in hip hop history. If you want to really have the full experience, listen as you read the book!

These are the character designs and the I did for Hip Hop Farmboy.

I went out of my way to make sure they had all the most accurate clothes and hairstyles…

Usually, I really don’t do many costume changes for “Little Bear Kid” but this story was begging for it.

As you can see from the actual photos, there is no way I could possibly design something that was as amazing as the real fashion that I wore back then!

These are just a couple of some of the rough pages that went into the making of this book. I wanted to share them with you to show you the changes in poses and expressions that happen during the process of making a comic. I see each step as an opportunity to make each pose, every drawing, every panel better.

(click for larger view)


Here’s a couple wallpapers I put together just for you. Wear them with pride, be proud to show your support for what you love, even if it’s about a breakdancing bear…

1024 x 768    1280 x 1024    1920 x 1200

1024 x 768    1280 x 1024    1920 x 1200

1024 x 768    1280 x 1024    1920 x 1200


That’s right, animated gifs of some of the dance moves shown in the book. That was one of the most challenging sections because I had to actually do the moves the figure out the best ways to draw them. I’m glad I didn’t hurt myself!


If your curiousity was peeked by this book, here’s some links to some movies and books you might want to check out:

And You Don’t Stop: 30 years of Hip Hop


Style Wars

Beat This!: A Hip-Hop History


Hip Hop Family Tree


Please, leave a comment, start a discussion with other readers,  share your own experiences, and check back later.  This is what makes this series of comics the most rewarding for me is you and your interactions!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the:

  1. Naim Beyah says:

    Dolphin is the only thing I really mastered. Always wanted to Whirlwind!!! Break Dancing was hard!

    1. gabe says:

      Whoa, is the “dolphin” also called the “worm”? That’s cool, I never heard that!

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