Here’s the script for what seems to be one of the longest episodes of Life in The Analog Age “The Right Bus”. This is s standalone story, but also part of the larger four part “Sporting Hill Saga”. I really enjoyed doing these four part-ers. It was really challenging balancing how much plot moves forward, with recapping, and setting up the next installment…

Part 2: “The Right Bus”

It was the first day at my new school and I had my instructions:
-me looking at note walking away from house with Mom in doorway

ride my normal bus to my old school Elm Tree
-(drawings on note) bus to elm tee e

get off
-get out

catch a different bus to my new school Sporting Hill.
-get on other bus

But my friend from down the street had different instructions
-on bus with Kim

her Mom told her to stay on the bus and it will take you to Sporting Hill
-both looking at her note

When it was time to get off at Elm Tree
-bus wheel stops

she begged me to stay
-up ready to leave, she’s holding onto my arm

she didn’t want to be alone
-pov looking down at her
-on me, thinking

It was a long bus ride
-wide on bus

-pass Sporting Hill

We definitely did something wrong
-bus pulls up in front of Jr. High

We went to strange new places
-bus pulls up in front of Sr. High

Maybe if we just laid low, no one would ever notice
-sink into our seats
-everybody gets off
-bus driver eyes
-bus driver
-bus driver
-long pause

He just asked if we were supposed to be at Sporting Hill
-bus driver

Then he explained that we were supposed to get off at Elm Tree.

I was upset and felt an idiot
-on me
-look over

but I can only imagine how she felt
-look at her

as we rode
-wide on bus

I didn’t regret it,
-on me

I knew I did the right thing, she was my friend
-looking at her

on our first day at our new school,
-bus in front of Sporting Hill

we were over an hour late
-in doorway

and the entire class would never let us forget it
-class in awe
-all start to giggle and whisper

to be continued next week…

The final episode:

youtube link

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