Sounds of the Analog Age: Achy Breaky Heart

Slide that album from the sleeve, place it on the dusty turntable for another installment of Sounds of the Analog Age!

This is Analog Agent Benjamin coming at you this week with…. Achy Breaky Heart

If you were a kid back in the 80’s and your parents were country music fans, then you might remember this very popular song.

The thing is, me and my Dad were not very big fans of this song. In fact, my Dad hated it because it was almost the only song that was ever played on the Country Music TV and Radio stations. My Mom just loved it. She even had a cassette tape made that only played that song over and over again. It was the only music she ever wanted to listen to when my family took long car trips, and it drove my Dad and me nuts. It got so bad, that the night before we took a car trip, my Dad or I would make an excuse to go out at night, (like take out the dog or the trash) so we could change the tape in the car. That way we wouldn’t have to listen to that song for a few minutes. I think we got away with it about 10 times before my Mom found out what we were doing, and got rid of all the other tapes in the car!

To this day, my Dad still hates that song, the only time he bear it is when he listens to the Weird Al Yankovic version of it. To him it just about sums up how he feels about the song.

Now me, I didn’t hate the song as much as my Dad did, (I thought it was O.K) but I did hate the line dancing that came with it. It was the only dance anyone ever did when that song was on, and my Mom loved to line dance and she wanted/forced me to line dance as well. Now when I was a kid, I was not very good at dancing and line dancing had so many steps in it that I kept tripping over my own feet every time I tried. I could only remember about 25% of the dance movies before I started to mess up. My Mom even went so far as to buy some “line dancing for kids” videos and had me go to line dancing classes just before she lost interest in it because her friends stopped line dancing as well.

What about you guys, what were your memories of that song? Did your parents make you line dance as well? Do you still hate this song?!