This is an idea that I’ve been wanted to do for a while. I just couldn’t figure out why I was fascinated with space stuff to begin with. I stumped for months. Then when I went back to revisit it, I realized that was the exact angle I needed, I didn’t even remember why, it just was, and the day-dreaming followed…

youtube link

Here’s the script in it’s entirety:

I don’t know where it came from
-space shuttle toy

or why me
-lego space set

I knew I knew I loved all things space related.
-checking out space book

-laying there looking up next to book

I would just wanted to go
-x-diss to spacesuit

to see new places
-x-diss off BG to space

new worlds
-on weird planet

new galaxies
-look up

I still remember the moment I realized how large the universe was
-out wider

and how small we were

so unimportant

We should never forget that.