Benjamin has been recruited as a writer here on the Life In The Analog Age blog. Why? Well, I’ll tell you– persistance!

Benjamin has been sending me links and emails for quite some time and I thought that it would be nice Benjamin a chance to write some posts. Well, when I first asked him, within a week he assaulted me with his list of 100 ideas. So off he went. I’m still not done sorting through all his posts, but they are good. He really expands the range on 80’s and 90’s trivia and pop culture beyond just my perspective.

The Life In The Anlog Age blog has really kinda taken on a life of it’s own. We can never compete with bigger sites that have a huge staff of writers and post like 5 times a day, but we are doing pretty well for ourselves thanks to readers like you and people like Benjamin.

Well, enjoy Benjamin’s posts and thanks again for all your support!