You start to hear the sounds of the morning, the wind rustling the leaves, the chirping of the birds and that’s when you realize what day it is–Saturday! Cartoons! All week long you’ve been starved of cartoons, and now it is your time to feast! You throw off the covers, shove your feet in your slippers and sprint downstairs!

Grab that big bowl of C-3POs, adjust the antennae and plop down on the floor for your weekly dose of animated fun!

This week: Shirt Tales

This is a cartoon about animals that solve crimes and wear t-shirts that have different messages on them–yep, that’s about it.

This show is one of those Hanna Barbera scraping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel ideas for a show. I used to watch this because it was on, but man, watching it now, it’s tough.

Have you ever heard of this cartoon? Do you wish you had a shirt that can display what you are thinking on it, because are getting closer to that technology…?