You start to hear the sounds of the morning, the wind rustling the leaves, the chirping of the birds and that’s when you realize what day it is–Saturday! Cartoons! All week long you’ve been starved of cartoons, and now it is your time to feast! You throw off the covers, shove your feet in your slippers and sprint downstairs!

Grab that big bowl of C-3POs, adjust the antennae and plop down on the floor for your weekly dose of animated fun!

This week: Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas

I guess it’s not animated, but muppets will always be a part of my saturday mornings. This one hour special aired on HBO in 1977 and then again in 1980. The dream team of Jim Henson and Paul Williams together again for this amazing special. Kermit narrates the story of little Emmit Otter and his entrance in the Frogtown Hollow talent show.

Here’s just one of the great songs:

This is great if you can find the DVD, you won’t be disappointed. We used to watch this over and over again until it was really blurry. Do you remember this? Did you sing along just now while you were watching?