“Deer Bologna” Animation

I live for this kind of stuff. I’m always trying to think of a really graphic simple transitions. A lot of times I’ll think of something that looks and is really cool, but it might be way to hard to execute in the time I have, or even worse, it just doesn’t fit with the story. I always think about when and how to use these because if you abuse them or just do them for the sake of pulling it off, it then it’s just showing off. I never like when other artists do that and I really don’t want to be in that crowd.

This one is really really simple. These three levels that pan at different rates totally show a sense of depth and a “real” camera move feel:

youtube link

“Shooting Pencil” Animation, CTNX

This “winding cycle” was by far the most labor intensive animated cycles I ever had to do for this project. There was just no way to do this without fully animating every pose and then go back and inbetween it to keep it at the correct speed. This scene took as almost long as the rest of the short!

I knew this was going to be the case. When I was thumbnailing the short, I made sure to keep the staging of this consistent so I could reuse it through the whole short. If I couldn’t reuse it for just one other scene, there was no way I could get this short done in the time I had. Plan ahead, it’s the only way to “work smarter, not harder!” (as Scrooge McDuck says)

Also, I’m at CTNX in Burbank right now! Come by and visit!




“Alone” animation

This is an uncommonly fully animated scene. (“Full” animation refers to the fact that on every frame or drawing of the character the whole body is drawn, as opposed to “limited” animation where not every frame has the whole body drawn.)

I wasn’t happy with the poses from the animatic, so I added one more and changed the timing as you can see in the final version…

See it in context: