One thought on “McDonalds

  1. Chris Sobieniak says:

    Seemed like that, at least it did when I was 5 and our McD’s a mile from my house had an outdoor playground, but that’s not all, aside from having been a former dine-out kind of place when it first opened in the early 60’s, (reason it had such a giant parking lot), the drive-thru window and kitchen were not oriented in the correct manner (the main lobby was on the left side and the kitchen to the right). In order to have food sent over to a small booth the clerk would be at to take care of the cars going by, the food had to be sent through a conveyor belt close to the ceiling that you could see while you were there, it was rather ingenious yet effective way they could get that done. This lasted for years until the owners decided to build a new location just down the street from where it was so I don’t have that McD’s to go to anymore, today it’s a tanning salon.

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