15 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Wolf says:

    Oh Good Lord!! Don’t people know how *blanking* scary thes old house are? To save money on heating, my parents had a door at the foot of the stairs going up, and they always made me shut it behind me. The stairs were like an S in this 10 foot shaft, and you couldnt see anything until you reached the top. At the top you had an open door into a huge unused bedroom on your left, the long hall way two my room, and a spare room at the end of the hall, and the floor that wrapped around the stairwell to my parents room. If you were lucky then you wouldnt have to go into that room at the top. It had no light switch, and the only light was across the room on a table.

    1. Gabe Swarr says:

      Oh that sounds horrible! It sounds like a maze, a maze that you just couldn’t tell who else was there! Man…

  2. Wolf says:

    Atleaste the other rooms all had switchs for overhead lights. We had a hall light in this central hall. But not down the hall my room was. Oh, the worst part was if you took longer then an 30 seconds to do whatever task they sent you up there for, and they would call your name from the bottom of the stairs real loud. Or even worse, they would suddenly ninja up behind you and ask if everything was ok.

    Good Old Parental Enforcement of Paranoia…

    1. Gabe Swarr says:

      Wow. I think my parents kinda just left us alone for too long… 🙂

  3. SrPilha says:

    ooh, very nice use of sound in this one, well done!

    1. Gabe Swarr says:

      Thanks so much! I love doing this droning scary stuff, so much fun!

  4. Matthew Koh says:

    Somehow, you had this “Blair Witch” moment.

  5. Gabe Swarr says:

    I know! It was gruesome, the end of that movie was really hard for me to watch! 🙂

  6. Wolf says:

    You know, my house was on the very edge of a fairly large woods. That movie hit home.

    1. Gabe Swarr says:

      Oh man, the woods can be spooky too!

  7. Wolf says:

    You ever see a movie called Yellow Brick Road?

    1. gabe says:

      No, but I will, it looks awesome!

  8. Wolf says:

    I bring it up because I was up near Miffleinville PA walking my dog at this state park, and somebody was blasting thier radio loud. And thats what I thought of.

    1. gabe says:

      I liked it, to was a good journey to madness.

  9. Umaralipk says:

    Congrats!! It is a big step and kind of scary at first but you’ll love not having to have that long wbieste address :-DI found your site through the blogger comment club- thanks for letting me visit.

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