5 thoughts on “Hard

  1. Wolf says:

    Ah. I remember the NES days. Good point but those were the early days of games. Where the system didn’t always respond to buttons. You’d push the jump button, and mega man would run right over the cliff. The again my parents only let me play once a day for 30 minutes (they had a kitchen timer), and (or) until I got a game over. Only today when I have no time limit can I beat the games of old.

  2. gabe says:

    Wow, that is strick! I could see how you must have been super focused to get anywhere in those games. Especially the ones that were meant to learn through death.

    1. Chris Sobieniak says:

      I should’ve done more of this in my youth. Best I had was discovering the warp tunnels in Super Mario Bros. and beating through those early games that way. Of course I went through the Zelda phase as well and where that took me. I was more an arcade person who didn’t mind wasting quarters dying every time.

  3. Jay says:

    This was absolutely me during Mega Man II. The first epic game I fought through and beat. I still remember the ending!

    1. gabe says:

      “Fighting through” is a great analogy! Man, that game!

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