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Before the 80’s, Remco Toys was one of the Big Name toy companies, but they always made toys that you could always find in the discount toy department at Sears or J.C. Pennys. So when the 80’s came and the other toy companies started making toy lines like He-Man, Transformers, and G.I. Joe, Remco tried to compete with them by making knock-off toys based on comics or their own ideas.

When Mattel Toys made He-Man, Remco made a figure series based on DC Comics Warlord & Marvel Comics Conan.

When Kenner made Super Powers (based on DC Comics Super Friends cartoon series) & Centurions, Remco made a figure series based on The Mighty Crusaders (Archie Comics forgotten Red Circle line of Super Hero comics) and Mantech.

And when Hasbro made G.I. Joe, Remco made a figure series based on DC Comics Sgt. Rock.

Now while the figures were cool looking, they were not as good or as well made as the ones made by Hasbro, Kenner, & Mattel. Everyone knew what Remco was trying to do, and no one was falling for it. They were the type of toys you would get if you ask for a He-Man figure, but your parents got you a Warlord figure because it was cheaper and they thought you would not know the difference (but you did).

So, did anyone here ever have any of the Remco figures as a kid? Were you disappointed when you got a Remco figure instead of the figure you wanted for your Birthday or Christmas?

One thought on “Artifacts of the Analog Age: Remco Toys

  1. Chris Sobieniak says:

    I’ve heard of a transforming robot line Remco had that combined elements from several Japanese mecha toy properties into sickly monstrosities.

    I has a Remco-free childhood, I didn’t even had this stupid things!

    No surprise were they got that idea from!

    Still, let’s remember the Remco that was before the 80’s destroyed ’em!

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