This is “Analog Agent Benjamin” coming at you this week with…. Crystar

Back in the 80’s both DC & Marvel comics made allot of weird, but cool comics with a toy line based on them, one of these was Crystar.

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The back story for this series was that the two ruling brothers Crystar and Moltar, decided to ally their people with each of the forces of Order & Chaos. Crystar and the forces of order were made of crystal while Moltar and the forces of Chaos were made of lava.

The one thing I always wonder was what would happen if someone just took a club or bat and hit Grystar with it, thanks to the Adult Swim show Robot Chicken, I now have my answer (warring, this video may not be safe to view at work).

Did anyone here have any of the Crystar comics or figures as a kid? What did you think about the idea of a world full of people made out of crystals?

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