Beg your Mom for some quarters, jump on your bike, ride down to that dark, smokey, noisy and slightly dangerous home for one of your video games– the Arcade!

This is “Analog Agent Benjamin” coming at you this week with…. Hologram Time Traveler

Hologram Time Traveler (or Hologram for short), was another great arcade game that you would have to wait in line for an hour just to play it (just like Dragon’s Lair).

While the game had the very same game play as Dragon’s Lair, it used a hologram rear projection screen that made everything just pop out right at you. It was also the only arcade game that I knew of that cost you $1.00 to play per game. While this was a great arcade game, it came out just about the same time that the arcades were dying out thanks in no small part to home video game systems like the NES.

So, did you ever get to play this game when it was out in the arcades? And were you also blown-away by the “holograms” as much as I was?

6 thoughts on “Analog Arcade: Hologram Time Traveler

  1. Chris Sobieniak says:

    I remember seeing this at an arcade but never did played it.

    1. benjamin says:

      Well good thing you can now buy the game as a PC Compuetr game for a very good price (I think it was $6.00 that last time I saw it on eBay), it’s not in 3D, but it’s still good. 😉

  2. Captain Genius says:

    I remember seeing people avoid this game like the plague. I never played it.

    1. benjamin says:

      Why would they avoid it, it was a cool and fun game. 🙁

      1. Captain Genius says:

        I think cause it was too expensive. And the people here suck.

  3. James Childress says:

    Yes I remember it and didn’t like it for the same reason I hated Dragon’s Lair. Overpriced and killed you way too easily rendering it unfun to a casual player. It was nothing more than a monitor being reflected by a curved mirror basically a gimmick.

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