The tradition is going to continue here on Life In The Analog Age! I’m pleased to announce that this year I am making an advent gift comic for almost the entire month of December! Starting on the 1st and ending on the 24th, there will be a new little gift comic everyday which are all based on the real gifts I received. My Mom did a lot of digging and unearthed her actual original advent gift lists from when were kids!

So check back on the first for the first gift!

Happy Holidays, and always, thanks for reading Life In The Analog Age!

17 thoughts on “Advent Gifts

  1. Wolf says:

    We did the paper chain in my family. Everyday you would rip off a paper ring until Dec 24th, then you reached a big piece of paper that said Christmas Eve…

    1. gabe says:

      Wow, that’s a cool idea and a nice tradition!

  2. Chris Sobieniak says:

    I don’t think we ever had anything like that in my family (being Catholic), though the best I had in counting down to Christmas was gluing cotton balls on Santa’s beard!

    1. gabe says:

      Wow, I never saw that before! I guess I never felt 7-up as the feeling of Christmas 🙁

      1. Chris Sobieniak says:

        Well, it was a break from “The Real Thing”. 😛

  3. Savage says:

    Cute comic. Can’t wait.

    1. gabe says:

      Everyday Savage—EVERYDAY!

  4. Mom says:

    Sniff! Thanks Gabe! Brings back precious memories. xoxox

  5. Matthew Koh says:

    I remember using the advent calendar once. On each day, there’s an individual small piece of chocolate in each cardboard slot. I remember doing this very early in the morning in Christmas time.

    Do you like this idea for an advent calendar?

  6. Nancy Bates says:

    We had an Advent calendar once too. Though I had such a sweet tooth back then I remember asking for forgiveness as I ate all the chocolate pieces that were to be eaten over the month in less than a week! Now we play something my mother started years ago; Christmas Bingo. It’s a fun pot luck of gift cards and movie passes. – Thanks for the fun memories and appreciation of our moms.

    1. gabe says:

      Oh no! Christmas was ruined!

      Wow, the Christmas Bingo sounds like a lot of fun, especially with a big family!

      1. Nancy Bates says:

        Christmas was almost ruined! Santa did find out. I had to go to the North Pole, apologize and beg the most jolly of men not to cancel Christmas. He finally agreed to make his usual stealthy rounds on one condition; that I do community service in his toy shop. I never ate any chocolates before their time again!

        Christmas Bingo; small family but still great fun. Now Thanksgiving Disco Bingo with a plethora of people is a riot!

        1. gabe says:

          What the heck is Disco Bingo?

          1. Nancy Bates says:

            Oh my Gosh…Disco Bingo is a blast! Here’s how to play:

            1. Hang a disco ball.
            2. Round up your favorite 80’s hits.
            3. Bring in cool presents for the kids and or adults.
            4. Round up family and friends who want to raise the roof!
            5. Pass out the Bingo boards.
            6. Talk a family member or friend into being the flamboyant disco dancing MC.
            7. Recruit MC helpers.
            8. Blast the Bee Gee’s and pulse the lights.
            9. Watch the MC’s associates decked out in bell bottoms and brightly colored, sequin laden shirts move unified to the rhythmic beat.
            10. React with cheers or jeers to the MC’s calls.
            11. After each win, take a zany dance break.
            12. And when all the gifts are gone, put exhausted kids to bed and look forward to pulling your favorite Donna Summer singles out and grooving at home.

          2. Chris Sobieniak says:

            That Disco Bingo sounds pretty gun!

            There was a Nintendo game in Japan that was released around Christmastime that let you create a greeting card message to stick on your TV set and even play Bingo!

  7. gabe says:

    Wow! That game looks crazy!

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