12 thoughts on “Crayon Can

  1. Matthew Koh says:

    Excuse me.

    Do you remember those pens that can draw lines that are eraseable?

    I forgot what it’s called, but I heard about it before.

    1. gabe says:

      I’m sorry I don’t remember those. I do remember the markers that would change color though!

    2. fluffy says:

      You mean “erasable pens?” I remember those never working that well – they wouldn’t erase so much as smear all over and make a big goopy mess.

      Pilot and Papermate both make a wide variety of them still, in any case.

    3. Manny says:

      The good erasable pens were called ERASERMATE and worked pretty flawlessly. The bad ones were any other brand. Some of them were so bad that I swore the used stones in the shape of erasers at the top of the pen. Literally would tear through the paper on the first stroke.

      1. gabe says:

        I do remember those! Man, I wonder why they don’t make those anymore? Maybe the ink was super toxic 🙂

  2. Lamar the Revenger says:

    Way to go, Val… Scarred Gabe for life.

    1. gabe says:

      I’m sure your Mom did the same!

  3. Savage says:

    Back when I was just a wee lad, I left my crayons on the front dash of my dad’s truck. After a fun day at the zoo we returned to the hot truck…

    1. gabe says:

      LOL! Did you ever try and draw with your new crayon mound?

  4. Chris Sobieniak says:

    Thank goodness nothing like that happened to me (especially with comic books). Though I once left a pack of crayons in a Volkswagen van that overheated one day and wanted to get them back before it started bursting into flames. That was a weird experience.

      1. Chris Sobieniak says:

        Yeah, when you’re 5 or 6, that’s all you cared about in the whole world is your 64 set going down in flames! (I actually have an old box with the 70’s design on it stored away).

        But yeah, there comes a time, whether you’re still a kid or an adult when your mom has to do something to piss you off, if only for a couple days.

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