This is β€œAnalog Agent Benjamin” coming at you this week with…. The General Mills Cereal Monsters

As a kid in the 80’s I remember seeing allot of TV ads for Cereals, but the ones I liked the most were the General Mills Cereal Monsters.

The good news is that they still make the Monster Cereals, the bad news is that they now only come out around Halloween.

So, do you remember having any of the Monster Cereals as a kid?

7 thoughts on “Artifacts of the Analog Age: General Mills Cereal Monsters

  1. Fruit Brute? I don’t remember that one at all.

    1. benjamin says:

      From what I remember, it was not as popular as the other Monster Cereals, so it was canceled and replaced by Yummy Mummy (witch was also canceled soon after it came out). πŸ™

      1. Chris Sobieniak says:

        I’ve read Fruit Brute was around up to the early 80’s supposedly. Of course back then, I hardly thought much of Boo Berry myself but I guess someone was eating it! Boo Berry was always like the third little man who shows up to counteract Count and Franken’s one-upmanship (since we’ve seen enough of that).

        It is a shame they only put out these cereals around Halloween time (much like the Creme Eggs but I see they don’t stop if they can pull a stunt like the “Screme Eggs” out now). I bothered buying one box of each three cereals last month and I won’t dig into them until sometime next year, since I have to uphold that tradition of storing these goodies for when I really need ’em (like with Creme Eggs, they’re still waiting away in my freezer).

  2. Chris Sobieniak says:

    Noticed some Fruit Brute boxes shows up in the background of this 70’s educational short about the deceptive advertising of cereals to kids (I had to watch this in junior high).

    1. benjamin says:

      I had no idea that there was a PSA video like that, thanks for posting a link to it. πŸ™‚

      1. Chris Sobieniak says:

        Yeah, it was pretty amusing.

  3. James Childress says:

    I am old enough to remember when the line of cereals first came out. Oddly enough I don’t recall any of them other than the main three, Chocula, Frankenberry, and Booberry. I tried Frankenberry as a kid. I got sick to my stomach shortly after and tossed it back up. Too sweet I guess.

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