11 thoughts on “Chick Chick

  1. fdswarr says:

    Zee Wee still loves his CHICK CHICK!!!!

  2. Lamar the Revenger says:

    Poor Chick Chick…

  3. lil analog says:

    still have him…charred feathers and all…

  4. fluffy says:

    Aw! My favorite stuffed animal growing up was a little raccoon I named “Rascal.” He didn’t have a mouth so I was Very Concerned that he wasn’t able to breathe very well, so my preschool teacher sewed a little black mouth on him. Later his nose fell off.

    I still have him.

  5. Illzie says:

    I never had many toys growing up but I had a blanket I would take everywhere with me who, notice that I refer to it as a “who” lololol, had a similar experience with the furnace at my parents house. :’DDDD

    1. gabe says:

      Did you still love it just the same after the accident?

      1. Illzie says:

        Oh shoosh yeah. As a matter of fact, I still have it. I even sleep with it sometimes, usually after I’ve watched super scary movies.

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