10 thoughts on “Tagalong

  1. lamartherevenger says:

    Know the feeling.

  2. Icarus says:

    That’s what brothers are for, you yell at each other, fight tooth and nail. Steal each others toys.
    And when you fall of your bike, out of the tree or down the stairs they’ll pick you back up and call mom for you.
    Amazing, I have two brothers and this is what it’s been like when we were young.

    You have some skill. this should be a TV show.

  3. Estela says:

    I happen to stumble upon this website via a different one and after I saw your fist video I had to watch all of them and read all of the strips. It is crazy how well your stuff connects to my childhood. Thank you!

  4. LouieGeetoo says:

    Just wanted to say, as a big brother and as a human being, this strip made me tear up.

    Excellent stuff.

    1. gabe says:

      Thank you! Please share, and keep it coming!

  5. Fray says:

    I agree that this would make a great TV show–maybe 30 minutes with two 15 minute tales each episode?

  6. Fray says:

    Just noticed that this was posted the day after my birthday. :>)

    1. gabe says:

      Happy belated Birthday!

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