Analog Atrocity: Christmas Break Homework

No teacher should assign homework over the Christmas break. It’s a crime and it needs to stop.
I mean c’mon, when you were a kid and you are on the bus and finally get home and the Christmas break is finally upon you, are you going to sit down right then and there and do homework–homework?! No, of course not, you are going to put it off as long as you can. Then the worst thing happens.

It’s Christmas morning, you are opening presents, having a good time with your family and all that you are thinking about is doing dumb homework. It’s like a gnawing bug eating away at the back of your mind, a disease that’s slowly killing your fun.

So let’s say you actually forget about the homework, you enjoy your break and have a good time. Well, what happens when you are riding the bus back to school, all refreshed and ready to go back and then you remember that there’s a mound of homework you totally forgot about?! Well, you have a heart attack and die, that’s what.

Stop assigning homework over the Christmas break, it’s killing our children.