Analog Appeal: Sharing

I can’t express enough thanks to you my readers and followers. You are giving a true meaning to every early morning, late night, and hour of missed sleep.
Life In The Analog Age has always been about trying to express myself by working really hard to find those stories, forgotten feelings and details that we have all experienced. I always try to connect with you, and find some kind of common ground and interest we can all share in, and it seems to be working, but it can always be better.
To make Analog Age a truly successful webcomic/webseries, we all have to work together. I’ll write, draw, narrate, animate, and score the cartoons and comics, and all I’m asking you is to simply share. Proudly show your love and support for this series. Liking, subscribing, and following is great the first step, commenting is a great second step, but sharing, reposting, and reblogging is the best thing you can do for this series.
Remember what it felt like the first time you saw Analog Age? That feeling you get when you read a new strip or watch a new short? Help people feel that way. Help spread the word.
See, you make all of this work, you make it happen, you are a much bigger part of this than you realize. Analog Age is truly a community and you are the reason for it’s existence. You are blood that keeps it going.
Thank you again, everyone, and please share this series to “keep good stuff alive”.