Here’s the entire script for the epic four part Sporting Hill Saga complete with all the typos. I wrote this and must have rewritten/revised it four more times. I just wanted to make sure everything was really clear and that the episode breaks were happening in the correct places:

Part 1: “Goodbye Elm Tree”

We were told about some “exciting” news.
-teacher in front of class (all excited)

This was going to be our last year we will be attending our school Elm Tree.
-all puzzled

See, our school district was very expansive and split into a lot of small country grade schools.
-little schools pop up (with names)

They were all filled with kids from kindergarten through 6th grades.
-zoom in

All the classes had about 30 kids in each,
-grades multiply out all with 30 kids each

but our class didn’t,
-zoom into our class

it only had fifteen,
-15 kids disappear

and so did another school.
-zoom over to Sporting Hill
-15 kids there

Thus we were going to be combined with them.
-our class os

I didn’t think this was exciting news.
-on me thinking (slow truck in)

I had to endure the longer bus ride,

the new teachers

and mostly the stress of making new friends.

Elm Tree was filled with great memories,
-look up, cam off

great places,

great stories.
-shooting pencil

Even my parents were heavily involved in the parent teacher association.
-parents at fair

But all of that was over because I was forced to leave my school
-out of door past sign

my Elm Tree
-crane up

and spend my summer worrying about an uncertain future.
-fade out

to be continued next week…

Part 2: “The Right Bus”

It was the first day at my new school and I had my instructions:
-me looking at note walking away from house with Mom in doorway

ride my normal bus to my old school Elm Tree
-(drawings on note) bus to elm tee e

get off
-get out

catch a different bus to my new school Sporting Hill.
-get on other bus

But my friend from down the street had different instructions
-on bus with Kim

her Mom told her to stay on the bus and it will take you to Sporting Hill
-both looking at her note

When it was time to get off at Elm Tree
-bus wheel stops

she begged me to stay
-up ready to leave, she’s holding onto my arm

she didn’t want to be alone
-pov looking down at her
-on me, thinking

It was a long bus ride
-wide on bus

-pass Sporting Hill

We definitely did something wrong
-bus pulls up in front of Jr. High

We went to strange new places
-bus pulls up in front of Sr. High

Maybe if we just laid low, no one would ever notice
-sink into our seats
-everybody gets off
-bus driver eyes
-bus driver
-bus driver
-long pause

He just asked if we were supposed to be at Sporting Hill
-bus driver

Then he explained that we were supposed to get off at Elm Tree.

I was upset and felt an idiot
-on me
-look over

but I can only imagine how she felt
-look at her

as we rode
-wide on bus

I didn’t regret it,
-on me

I knew I did the right thing, she was my friend
-looking at her

on our first day at our new school,
-bus in front of Sporting Hill

we were over an hour late
-in doorway

and the entire class would never let us forget it
-class in awe
-all start to giggle and whisper

to be continued next week…

Part 3: “We Eat Elm Tree Meat”

The first day at my new school was turning out to be the worst day of my life
-standing in doorway with Kim

I got to school an hour late with my friend,
-pissed sitting in new desk

I missed actually meeting my new classmates,
-looking around

the introductions,
-weird kids

and now I’m basically married
-look over at Kim

As we got closer to recess a strange energy started rising in the class
-x-dissolve to later looking around, puzzled

a strange tension
-pan past kids

something was going to happen at recess

a rumble
-kids exchange glances

a showdown
-kids exchange glances

a kickball game
-passed a note

Sporting Hill vs. Elm Tree
-look up

now kickball was OUR game
-get determined

the game we played at OUR recesses
-look over at Avery
-he nods

not there’s
-both look over at Tommy
-grant pissed

it was our chance to prove ourselves
-on me

show our Elm Tree pride
-doors open

they just wouldn’t stop chanting “We Eat Elm Tree meat! We eat Elm Tree meat!”
-fists in the air

the stage was set
-wide, both teams lined up (music builds to Bob reveal)

-pan across their team

-pan across our team
and we had this

-all standing there
-Bob rises above everyone

to be concluded next week…

Part 4: “Verses”

It was first day at the new school
-bus in front of school

at the first recess
-door opens
-kids run out

and it was a showdown:
-wide lined up
Elm Tree vs. Sporting Hill

us, the new kids
-pan across us

-cam spin

them, the original
-pan across them

and they just brought out the big guns
-bob pans out

he was tall
-up shot

sure of himself
-smile with glint

their secret weapon
-all smile

-we look neutral
-we smile
-Derek rises up

we had our secret weapon too
-pan across eyes (letter boxed)
-pan across atari jacket (letter boxed)

-they look worried

the game
-ball rolled

was on

and we were losing

they were good
-all smile

(moving stills)

so were we
-derek kicks home run

we started to get some runs
-running around bases

came back
-high five

but the more we all played

the longer the game went

the more it wasn’t about the game

we started to realiize that it wasn’t even important who won
-helping up someone

we were all playing together
-laughing together

I couldn’t tell you who won that day

I couldn’t tell you the score

I could just tell you that by the end
-all happy

we were all one team…
-all walking in together
-bob and derek shake hands

one class at Sporting Hill…
-super wide

The End

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Part 3:

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Part 4:

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