Here’s the script for episode 60 “The Grate”:

As you can see, I don’t format my script like normal scripts. These, I write as conversational dialogue and then go back and then put in the visuals and pull out some dialogue. I wish I could show and animate everything, but I just don’t have the time to make them that complicated!

The Grate

If you would push someone
-pushing a little kid

not do as your told
-teacher yelling

or just ignore the rules
-stick tongue out at kid

there was a place for you
-getting grabbed by the arm

the grate
-on grate

see, if you misbehaved at our school, you had to spend time on “the grate”

it was a simple metal grate
-looking at feet

a place for you to take a time out
-sitting down

(slow truck in)
a place for you to think about what you’ve done
a place for the teachers to keep an eye on you

and a place for public ridicule
-reveal everyone looking

I remember all the kids staring
-see group staring



-cu of lips

the time spent there was an eternity
-x-diss to different moments in different places

but it would come to an end and you were free to play
-teacher nods
-step off grate

it was a good lesson a good punishment
-apologizing to kid

because you didn’t want to be sent to the grate again
-looking at grate

Here’s the final short:

youtube link