20 thoughts on “No Sugar Diet (part 1)

  1. James Childress says:

    Th-that is child abuse! Especially at a time when sugar free was bleh.

    There is nothing wrong with allowing some exceptions once in a while to the no sugar rule.

    1. gabe says:

      I wish that were the case! Any relief woud have been welcomed!

      1. Chris Sobieniak says:

        I went through that too (though my mom didn’t mind Lucky Charms).

        1. gabe says:

          You lived a lucky and charmed life! 🙂

          1. Chris Sobieniak says:

            I did ( I think I sent away for a 4-leaf clover keychain thingy one).

            I did had to click on this though for a cringe-worthy explanation on why water kicks ass, though I suppose they do a good job explaining it more than I ever got from a teacher back in the day, I just don’t get excited over plain tap water….

  2. Matthew Koh says:

    Is sugar related to drugs?

    1. gabe says:

      I guess it is!

      1. Matthew Koh says:

        You could say that again!

        Do you find the sugar ban much more like the Prohibition back in the 20s?

        1. gabe says:

          Man, I have a similar comparison in part 2!

  3. knuxkitsune says:

    There is conclusive evidence that shows that it’s not sugar that makes kids hyper, but caffeine. Sodas such as Coca-Cola, and candy such as chocolate contain caffeine. Jelly beans and root beer don’t.

    1. gabe says:

      You know, that would have been great for my Mom to know 30 years ago!

  4. Lamar the Revenger says:

    My God.. Gabe, you have my sympathies. Holy crap, the hell you went thru. ESPECIALLY during that time went candy was perfect.

    1. gabe says:

      That’s why in Junior High all I wanted to do was go to Shaw’s Market for gummis!

  5. Neb says:

    I just stumbled across your comics, and I LOVE THEM ALL. Please keep sharing your stuff!
    Also, am I crazy, or does Tab not have any sugar in it anyways?…

    1. gabe says:

      Thanks so much! Yeah, I guess Tab didn’t have any sugar, but we still weren’t allowed to have any soda at all 🙁

      1. Chris Sobieniak says:

        I would’ve gone with “Jolt” myself!

  6. Nicole says:

    Tab is actually sugar-free. I’m excited to read this story arc though!

  7. Elura says:

    Well its good your mom saw the source of the problem then just saying you have ADHD and giving a bunch of ritalin…

    1. gabe says:

      Yeah, unfortunately that’s what was next for my brother… 🙁

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