This is “Analog Agent Benjamin” coming at you this week with some very cool Retro Style Games on

Now normally I do not make posts about stuff that was not part of the Analog Age, but after looking around Kickstarter, I found some very cool Retro Style Games that everyone here might like to take a look at.

The Crystal Catacombs: This game is a lot like a cross between Super Metroid & The Legend of Zelda II, but with random maps. So if you wanted to start a new game, you would get a different game map every time. This is the type of game that would force you to make a map, just like you did with the early RPG games from the Analog Age (like Dragon’s Quest and The Legend of Zelda).

Star Command: If you are a fan of Star Trek & The Sims, then you will love this game.

Super Retro Squad: This game is made by the same guys who made that cool fan game Super Mario Bros. Crossover, and it will have the same game play, but with all new power-ups, backgrounds, and characters.

Volgarr the Viking: This game looks allot like a 16-Bit Sega Genesis game (like Golden Axe).

Mercenary Kings: If you are a fan of the classic arcade game Metal Slug, then you love this game.

Moonintern: Another great looking retro style game were you play as a Moonintern.

David Crane’s Jungle Adventure: David Crane (the guy who made classic games like Pitfall & A Boy and His Blob) is working on an all new Jungle Adventure game.

Ukiyo-e Heroes: While this is not a retro style game, it is a cool art project related to classic NES Games.

Donkey Kong as a Japanese Ukiyo-e by ~thejedhenry on deviantART

As you can see from the links, most of the games have been successfully funded, while others are still going. I must say, I really like the fact that there is a new breed of retro games being made, and it proves that you don’t need HD CGI graphics and an overpriced game system to make great games.

So what retro games are you looking forward to playing? And what do you guys think about this new wave of Retro Style games that has been coming out lately?

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