This is “Analog Agent Benjamin” coming at you this week with…. Fax Machines

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Long before Computers had E-mail, people had to use Fax Machines to send stuff over the phone-lines. Fax Machines back then were the must have items for any working family or small business, and since my Mom & Dad were crop dusters, they thought that having one would make things easier. Boy, were they wrong.

Back then, there were three types of Fax Machines. One would print on a single page of paper at a time, another would print on computer paper (the kind with the holes on the sides), and one were the paper came on a big roll just like paper towels. My parents got the Fax Machine that used the rolled paper, and from day one, it was a big pain in the butt for them to use.

For one thing, it kept getting paper jams. But unlike the other two types of Fax Machines, they could not just take the one page out of it, they had to remove the whole roll and then reinstall it. Also, if it ever ran out of paper during a fax, it would just keep printing and waste a lot of black ink. As for the ink itself, the cartridge for it was about the same size as a paper towel roll, and it cost my parents about $100.00 just to get a new one every time the Fax Machine ran out of ink, watch was about once every two weeks.

But the worst thing to happen was when my Dad tried to send out a fax for an order and it went to the wrong fax number. Good thing it went to someone that I Dad already knew, other wise it could had been a lot worse.

Did your parents ever get a Fax Machine when you were a kid? Was it as a big of a pain in the butt as ours?