This is Analog Agent Benjamin coming at you this week with…. The Masters of the Universe Stinkor Figure

When you are a kid, you remember some of the odd smell of some items, like the New Ball smell off the Beach Balls in the Summer, or the Very Strong Pine smell off of a Car Air Freshener. But the one smell I will always remember is the Very Bad smell that came with my Masters of the Universe Stinkor figure.

I can still remember what happened the day my Mom got me that figure. We were on our way back home from a visit to my Grandma’s house, when we stopped by the local Kay Bee Toys store and my Mom got me the MotU Stinkor figure. I thought the figure was very cool looking with its Black & White body and Bright Orange armor. Little did I know that the figure had this very strong smell to it, because when I opened its package in the car, my Mom first thought we hit a skunk on the road. But when the smell filled up the car, she realized it was coming off of the figure we just got, so we had to stop by a gas station to get a zip lock bag to put it in to stop the smell. When then had to drive all the way home with the car’s windows down because the smell was making my Mom sick (yes, the smell was that strong).

When we got home, my Mom told me I could only play with the figure in the bag because she did not want our home to smell like a skunk died under the house. But when my Mom went out to go shopping for groceries, I would take it out of the bag to play with it. But one time when I was playing with it, my Dad thought a Skunk got under the house again, but when he followed the smell to my room and found out it was coming off of the figure I was playing it, he thought it was funny. To him, it was a good way for me to get used to bad/odd smells that I may come across when I grow up, but he did say I should not play with it when my Mom was home. Over time, the figure lost it smell and it became just another normal figure.

What were your favorite odd smells as a kid?