You start to hear the sounds of the morning, the wind rustling the leaves, the chirping of the birds and that’s when you realize what day it is–Saturday! Cartoons! All week long you’ve been starved of cartoons, and now it is your time to feast! You throw off the covers, shove your feet in your slippers and sprint downstairs!

Grab that big bowl of C-3POs, adjust the antennae and plop down on the floor for your weekly dose of animated fun!

This is Analog Agent Benjamin coming at you this week with…. Capitol Critters

Back in the late 80’s & early 90’s the Fox Network was making a lot money off of the Simpsons, so it was only a matter of time before the other networks wanted to make their own version of the Simpsons, only to fail at it. One of those failures was Capitol Critters.

The best way I can sum-up this terrible show is that they took the world of “An American Tail”, set it in the modern day times (the early 90’s), and then took out everything that made that movie good and replaced it with Sex & Racism jokes and made every character into a negative stereotype (like making Cockroaches as stereotypes for Blacks & Hispanic people, and Rats as stereotypes for White Trash from Jersey).

I just wonder how something like this show even got on TV in the first place.

Did anyone here ever see this terrible show when it was on?