You start to hear the sounds of the morning, the wind rustling the leaves, the chirping of the birds and that’s when you realize what day it is–Saturday! Cartoons! All week long you’ve been starved of cartoons, and now it is your time to feast! You throw off the covers, shove your feet in your slippers and sprint downstairs!

Grab that big bowl of C-3POs, adjust the antennae and plop down on the floor for your weekly dose of animated fun!

This is “Analog Agent Benjamin” coming at you this week with…. The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda was another hit game that got a cartoon series back in the 80’s, but unlike the others, it only aired on a show that was for another game (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show).

There are two things that I did not like about this cartoon, one was how they changed Link from a hero into a smug, ignorant jerk with an annoying catch phrase, and the other was just they were airing this cartoon on the The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. This made no sense to me at the time.

I sometimes think this is why many video game heroes in todays games do not talk, becuase everyone remembers how annoying Link was in this series.

Were any of you as annoyed with this series as I was when it was on?