This is “Analog Agent Benjamin” coming at you this week with…. The Penny Racers

Does anyone remember the Penny Racers cars, they were these cool little pull-back toy cars that you would put a Penny in the back of them and they would run all over the place.

The only bad things about these cars were that if you pulled them back too much the spring would brake and they would not work anymore, or that they were so small they you would lose them and the only way you would find them is that you parents would step on them. Which would them led to them yelling at you for not picking up your toys.

From what I can remember, they got re-launched as ChoroQ in Japan, and they were a bigger hit over there then they were here in the U.S. They even had some that could transform into robots, and had a line of cool video games. 

So, did anyone here have some of the Penny Racers as a kid?