This is Analog Agent Benjamin coming at you this week with my first ever post!

Do you remember when the Super Nintendo & Sega Genesis (also known as the Mega Drive) game systems came out and everyone went from 8-bit games up to 16-bit games? Well at this time, Nintendo was losing sales on their NES games so they decided to remake the NES for the 90’s.

Even though this new version of the NES sold for $49.99 and fixed a lot of the issues with the old NES, (like the blinking screen if the system got dust in it, or that the game tray would wear out and would not go all the way down) no one was making anymore 8-Bit games for the NES and everyone had already moved onto the Super Nintendo systems. Too bad too, had I know all this info at the time, I would have ask for one as a kid and saved about $100.00 to get my old NES fixed.

So, did anyone here get the NES 2, or did you already move onto the Super Nintendo when it came out? Did you find the commercial for it as annoying as I did?