Slide that album from the sleeve, place it on the dusty turntable for another installment of Sounds of the Analog Age!

We are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the release the Album Pac-man Fever this week on Life In The Analog Age, first with this comic, and now with a record that I still have, The Amazing Adventures of Pac-Man. It was released in 1982 and is a shining example of all the weird Pac-Man merchandise that was released. If you would like to listen, the album is embedded below, but I have to warn you, it is really for a 5 year old. The one cool thing is the Pac-Man theme song in the beginning. I loved it when I was 7 and it is still super moog-y and good. Right click here if you want to add it to your music collection.

Here’s The Amazing Adventures of Pac-Man:

Did you ever hear of this? Isn’t the Pac-Man theme awesome? Did you listen to records like this when you were younger?