You start to hear the sounds of the morning, the wind rustling the leaves, the chirping of the birds and that’s when you realize what day it is–Saturday! Cartoons! All week long you’ve been starved of cartoons, and now it is your time to feast! You throw off the covers, shove your feet in your slippers and sprint downstairs!

Grab that big bowl of C-3POs, adjust the antennae and plop down on the floor for your weekly dose of animated fun!

This week: Pandamonium

This is definitely one of the strangest and rarest cartoons featured here or anywhere for that matter. The first minute of the intro is spent just describing the backstory. They left out that the Panda’s names were Chesty, Timothy, and sadly Algernon. They could all combine into one panada-thingy called Poppapanda. Like I said really weird.

If I saw this when I was a kid, I don’t remember it at all. My friend reminded me of it when we were in high school and ever since then I can’t forget it even if I tried!

Do you remember Panadamonium?