These were amazing puppets. My brother and I got them for Easter one year. I know, Easter? They were all rubbery and weird looking. They had really cool names like Dwork, Drool, Vlob, Squidge, Shlump, Shlurp, Sponk, Squawk, Squeel, Plunk, and Flurp. They also had movable glow-in-the-dark eyes, and could even blink!

They were expanded into a ton a variations: Small Boglins, Soggy Boglins, Baby Boglins, Halloween Boglins, Acrobat Boglins, Bash ’em Boglins, Action Boglins, Baby Squirt Boglins, Hairy Boglins, Talking Boglins, Glow Boglins, Batty Boglins, and even Ric Flair Boglins.

I think we liked them so much because they were so monstrously gross. They were like little old wrinkly men with missing teeth, strange sores and missing legs. Their faces, tails, and arms were all floppy and stretchy. They had a very distinct smell too. I think it might have been the rubber they were made out of because we still have ours, but they have completely deteriorated.

Did you ever know anyone who had Boglins? Why don’t they make cool puppets anymore? Do you think Boglins are really from a bog?