12 thoughts on “Secret Inside

  1. Lamar the Revenger says:

    Ha ha ha!!!

  2. Savage says:

    That’s just M.A.D. (This message will self destruct.)

  3. Peanut says:

    ^ ^ ^ hahaha loved that last comment!

    That car of his is so iconic. That side view, and the ‘transform’ animation are forever burned into my mental retinas. Amazing!!!

    1. gabe says:

      Did you recognize the car in the first panel? Did you think the comic was going to be about Inspector Gadget?

  4. knuxkitsune says:

    Inspector Gadget was great until Matthew Broderick ruined it.

    1. gabe says:

      That and that horrible Gadget Boy thing….

  5. This comic felt like it had a gunshow esq feeling to it. I loved the inspector gadget show as a kid. It was pretty good.

    1. gabe says:

      Wow! Thanks! I love Gunshow.

  6. JoeFoo says:

    Peanut is so right! That car transformation is iconic!

    In my younger years I wanted Penny’s computer book too. Even now, it is much cooler than an i-Pad.

  7. a name would destroy this art says:

    well there is my inspiration to watch all that inspector gadget I downloaded.

    1. gabe says:

      Ha! I hope you enjoy it! As a kid, I used to love it.

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