Kronoform was the name of those infamous robot watches.

As soon as a kid from school got one of these, everybody wanted one! I mean how much better can a digital watch get? By transforming into a robot that’s how! You could always go and get a fancy calculator watch if you wanted to live in the past and be lame. Slap the future on your wrist brother and join the revolution!

When are they going to have an updated version of this? I want a watch that can detach, transform, tell me the time, and then go to work all day while I stay home and play video games and read comics!

Did you ever see one of these or know anyone that had one? Did you know boxed versions of these go for more than 300 bucks on Ebay?

6 thoughts on “Artifacts of the Analog Age: Kronoform

  1. ROMSY says:

    omg…. this is so fuckin awesome!
    i do want this watch! A friend of my had as child a similiar clock but with a mario game in it (damn this watch was huge) we never used it to look what time is it, only to play mario until the batterys are dead…

    1. gabe says:

      Wow! That sounds cool, I never heard of a giant Mario watch!

      1. ROMSY says:
        i think it’s not the same but it’s simliar

        1. gabe says:

          Wow! That thing is so cool! I never knew that existed! I think I might try to hunt one down for my collection! Thanks!

  2. JoeFoo says:

    I was the only one in my class without a Kronoform. I actually had a GoBots watch that transformed into a robot. It was about the same size as Krono, but the legs swung out from the top. So in robot form, he was tall and slightly awkward looking. It was bright red and white. I got it free through collecting cereal UPC codes.

    I was made fun of because it looked so different from what everyone else had. Looking back at it, I am glad I was different from everyone else in the class.

    Great artifact, Gabe!

    1. gabe says:

      That’s the spirit! I can relate, I would always get the generics too!

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