Every 2 or 3 months my step sister would come to visit. She live 4 hours away, so we would have to drive 2 hours and meet half way. Now this doesn’t sound too exciting, but the best part was that our meeting place was McDonalds, in fact this was the only McDonalds within 2 hours. So needless to say, we had to make our selections count and one of the best things that we found on the menu were McDonaldland cookies.
They were very small chocolate chip cookies that came in a little cardboard box. They were kinda hard like Chips Ahoy cookies, but tasted way better. I’ve searched for cookies that taste as good as those for years. The closest I found are cookies from Hawaii called Kona Krunch, but they still aren’t as good, not nearly as good.
Those McDonaldland cookies tasted so good in fact, that it makes me question why? What made these of all cookies taste so good? Was it the size that changed the chip to dough ratio? Was it because they absorbed the taste of the box they came in? Was it because they were filled with butter? Maybe it was the simple fact that they came from McDonaldland, not McDonalds. After all, that is why they were called McDonaldland cookies…

2 thoughts on “Artifacts of the Analog Age: McDonaldland Cookies

  1. Brianne says:

    Oh wow! I remember these too! Why did they taste so good, such a nice memory! Thank you for sharing!

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