One of my favorite toys ever were Mad Balls. They were the one of the simplest and dumbest toys too. They were just balls with faces on them. What made them amazing was the design of the faces. It was during the reign of the Garbage Pail Kids, so gross art was very popular. A lot of them were monsters that had vainy eyeballs, with snot, pus, drool, or stitches, they were amazing.

The Mad Balls were popular enough to have a second line of toys that were figures. They were balls with little bodies. Their heads were the balls and would be able to be shot off and thrown around. I’m pretty sure every kid lost those heads. They even had vehicles they could ride around in. I didn’t know until much later that there was a even show based on them.

They made a very big influence on me, but the ironic thing is my brother and I only had a couple of them. I had one that was a purple monster with a horn on his head creatively named Horn Head and a baseball with a screaming face on it called Screamin’ Meemie. I loved those toys.

It was a sad day when I threw Horn Head and he accidentally rolled under our porch, gone forever.

I’ll miss you Mad Balls, not matter how ugly you were.

5 thoughts on “Artifacts of the Analog Age: Mad Balls

  1. I had the Screamin’ Meemie too. Next on your agenda is to write about the amazing butter commercials we had. Parkay and Imperial margarine. Those commercials were the best and a staple in my childhood!

  2. mush says:

    …..OH DAMN

    dude I totally forgot about those! I had screamin meemie… wow that was like my favorite toy for a while

  3. Lamar the Revenger says:

    Your brother gave me Horn Head & Screamin’ Meenie for Christmas one year.. Well the remakes.

  4. JarMan says:

    I never played with those, my older step brother and sisters would collect the garbage pale kids, but I never got into that. I got Ninja Turtles and Ghost Busters figures.

  5. gabe says:

    Ah yes! Parkay! I shall add it to the list! Good one.

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