This week’s short was depressing. It was hard to make and I’ve never been more unsure of a short than this one. It cut very deep and I never realized how much this really affected be until now. I hope you guys liked it and I promise that there won’t be another like this for quite some time…

Here’s the short in case you missed it.

5 thoughts on “Analog Exclusive: Divorce roughs

  1. JarMan says:

    Well, if you are uncomfortable with these sorts of issues, take your time, but comics like these add some real life and reality to your comics and I enjoy the more serious ones.

  2. Osoart says:

    I loved this short so much. You did a great job of conveying the emotions of helplessness and alienation in just a couple of seconds. I went through my parents’ divorce at a young age, too. A great story connects us all.

  3. kirun says:

    episodes like this totally give these shorts depth.
    great work man!

  4. angieness says:

    Well I think it’s fair to include the bad stuff too. A lot of us can relate to it. I know mine divorced when I was in elementary school and I didn’t realize until I was an adult how much it impacted me.

  5. T' says:

    Don’t apologize, don’t promise. Do what you want, let it out. We come here to see your work, whatever it is. Sharing something like this makes the site more compelling, not less. From another side of the same coin, my parents didn’t actually divorce til I was out of high school. I wish it had been a lot earlier.

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