One of the coolest toys were Wacky Wall Crawlers. They were little sticky rubbery creatures that you would throw against the wall. Gravity would pull them down while one leg would stick and they would “crawl” down the wall. They were usually in the shapes of spiders or octopi. They were kinda creepy and fun. They moved really weird.
They would get so so dirty and stop working, a little soap and warm water would make them as-good-as-new.
They were yet another one of those toys that would leave weird grease marks on the wall or windows. Just be really careful where you throw them though, because if they would land on the curtains, more than likely they weren’t going to be crawling anywhere…

One thought on “Artifacts of the Analog Age: Wacky Wall Crawlers

  1. JarMan says:

    They still sell these, a friend of mine was giving them out as prizes at her birthday last week.

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