There was once a cracker that tasted so delicious and so memorable that that 25 years later a young man would be writing about them on a magical scroll for everyone to read:

These legendary crackers were conjured up by an ancient and mystical wizard named Nabisco to be an unearthly union of both cracker and pizza.

One fateful day, a lone mother of two was wondering yon marketplace and procured said box of crackers. She rode her carriage across both hill and dale to bring this treasure home. She placing them in a bowl in front of her two young lads watching the picture box filled with a special team, an A team. For this was a magical moment for these boys when the spices of a fresh slice of Italian pie followed by the tasted of a cheesy biscuit would fill their mouths. This very taste would ignite their minds and inspire them to question the very boundaries of snacking.

Tragically, they would only eat them but that one time for they were not meant for this world. Were they vanquished by the evil Kingdom of Pepperidge Farms? Was it fate that extinguished their young life? No it was but one simple fact, no one else bought these boxes of Pizza Crackers because no one else liked them as much as these two young lads.