These little guys were born in 1978 by the masters of Robot Toys Tomy.

I used to have a tin canister filled with wind up toys and trinkets and these robots were among my favorites. I always wished I had 100 of these to set off all at the same time. My little robot army could take over the world, well, for about 15 seconds at a time until they needed winding…

One thought on “Artifacts of the Analog Age: Wind Up Robots

  1. Harry Bastard says:

    I remember these, with the chrome plastic and the colored plastic domes! Freakin’ sweet. Robosapien and the like are the spiritual successor to Tomy’s awesome robos, but for affordability and portability, these couldn’t be beat…even on the most strapped shopping trip to a tiny department store in my home town, Moms still was able to slip me a couple o’ these. Nice!

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