Before Diet Coke was Tab or TaB as it is on the can. It was a diet soda made by Coke before there was such a thing as a diet soda. It was originally released in the 60’s but people were still drinking it when I was a kid.
My Grandma loved the stuff, she would have a can of these a day. When reports came out that the sweetner they were using would cause cancer in lab rats she just kept drinking it.
When Coke released Diet Coke, that was it for Tab. Sales just killed it, but I’m pretty sure it was going to die before that.
When I tried it, I could immediately tell why it wasn’t going to last. When you drink a Coke you are smacked with a sweet caramelly flavor right away, with Tab you were struck with a watery taste then a tylenoly sweetener taste, then you think that’s it, but then at the last second, at the very end, you might eventually get a hint of something that kinda tasted like Coke. It just wasn’t good.