When going to the store to pick out school supplies, the one thing to get for your every need was a Trapper Keeper. This all-in-one notebook/folder combo was amazing. It had color coded sections of folders, conversion charts, a place to keep all your weapons of choice, a smooth binder ring slider, all held together by a shiny plastic sleeve secured by Velcro.
The reason it was called the Trapper Keeper was because the folders folded over on the outside edge so when you carried it, it would “trap” your pages and the binder is where you would “keep” the trappers.
You would have a pretty large selection of covers, some were just plain colors and others that had just abstract designs, but you had to choose carefully because what you picked pretty much secured what kind of school year you were going to have. Get there early because you just don’t want to have a pink polka-dotted school year.