Combos are one of the best and worst junk foods ever created. Born in the Analog Age these snacks are a glorious tribute to a time when manufacturing pretzel tubes and squirting “cheese” into them was thought of as a good idea.
They are a paradox. See the very thing that makes them kinda gross also makes them that much tastier–the super salty artificial cheese powder. The moment you bite down and crunch that pretzel, causing the cheesy center to spill out you know that it’s a junk food–a real junk food.
Combos are the very definition of junk food. Junk food has to have something that’s bad for you to make it junk, but also super tasty for you to want more even after you finish the entire bag.
I even knew someone that made eating Combos and art form. She would eat all the pretzel covering first leaving just cheesy insides. When she was done eating the whole bag, she would have a giant mound of cheese left. That’s when she would sculpt a giant cheese ball and proceed to eat that.

I loved sucking all the cheese out of them and then blowing in the pretzel shell.