While doing some research for this week’s strip, I came across some actual pictures of the mall where I got my “ultimate converse” Park City Mall in Lancaster PA.

Needless to say I was shocked, appalled, depressed and inspired (in that order).

First I was shocked by how cool it looked. I vaguely remember these TV monitor things and definitely remember the fountain and some of the store fronts. Then appalled when I realized how horrible and generic it looks now.

Of course this lead to the depression after coming to the conclusion that modern architecture just is so uninspiring. I mean, yeah, it looks kinda dark and poorly lit, but man the shapes and textures are just so cool, that’s what led to the inspiration.

This is the usual cycle of events while gathering as much research as I can for Analog Age.

I’m just so thankful that I came across these photos. I don’t think my memory alone would have done early 80’s Park City justice.